I am Anna Sailamaa, Visual Storyteller, freelance illustrator and art educator from Helsinki, Finland.
I make drawings, illustrations, zines, graphic novels and I teach about them too.


If You have a nice project in Your mind and want to collaborate,
or if You just want to say “Hi” write me on: anna.sailamaa@gmail.com
Looking forward to hearing from You! 


2015   Masters’s degree in Printmaking / University of the Arts Helsinki
2013   Masters’s degree in Art Education / Aalto University


2018   Sankaritarinoita tytöille


2018   Pocket Flowers, self-published zine (Finland)
2016   Everybody is hungry by Kuš Komiksi (Lithuania)
2015   The Beehive by Asema Publishing (Finland)
2014   80/35 , self-published photobook (Finland)
2013   Pasterz by Centrala (Poland)
2013   Le Pasteur by L’Association (France)
2013   Sois sage maintenant by 5C – la Cinquième Couche (Belgium)
2011   The Shepherd by Huuda Huuda (Finland)
2011   While 1-3, self-published zines (Finland)
2008  Be Good Now by Huuda Huuda (Finland)

Short stories:

2018    Visitors in in Kuš! #31 by Kuš Komiksi (Latvia)
2017    Year 1976 in 101 Comics from Finland by Zum Teufel (Finland)
2016    Haïku in Rhizome #12 by La Boîte À ‘Zines (Belgium)
2015    Hemispheres in Tempora Mutantur by Kutikuti (Finland)
2014    On Your Marks in Short Run Anthology, vol. 2
2014    Letter P in Alphabet-book by Kutikuti (Finland)
2014    Colmena in El Estado Mental (Spain)
2014    Ruche in The Journal of La Camaraderie (Belgium)
2014    Father in Comic Atlas Finnland by Reprodukt (Germany)
2013    Le Sauna public in BD Finlandaise (Finland)
2012    Specter by Kutikuti
2012    Last Summer in The KutiKuti Guide to Finland (Italy)
2012    New Brave World in Nobrow 7 (England)
2011    Midnight Sun in Kuš! #7 by Kuš Komiksi (Latvia)
2011   Afternoon in Eyeballing! The New Forms of Comics (Finland)
2011    The Isle in Our Little Se by Studio Panama (Finland)
2009    Common Sauna by Nordicomics (Finland)
2009    After snowfall in Kuš! #5 by Kuš Komiksi (Latvia)
2009    The Nest in Contemporary Finnish Comics by Boomfest (Russia)
2009    Common Cold in Canicola 7 (Italy)
2009    Escape in Glömp 10 by Boing Being (Finland)
2007    Mother in Glömp 9 by Boing Being (Finland)

Selected features:

2018    Bibliotek Nordica
2018    St. Petersburg Nordic Weeks 2018
2017    2nd Kaunas International Printmaking Biennial, Lithuania
2016    Finnish Comics Now – Embassy of Finland, Washington D.C., U.S.A
2015    Tempora Mutantur, Kutikutin 10-vuotisjuhlanäyttely – Galleria Huuto, Helsinki
2014    Short Run Comics & Arts Festival – Seattle, U.S.A
2014    Personal Taste – Myself Gelato – Inuit Editions & Studio Fludd / Bologna, Italia
2013    Artists’ Books Exhibition – Galleria Katariina, Helsinki
2013    Kuti Kuti Exhibition – Kultures Maison, Brysseli, Belgia
2012    The World of Hyperreal, 12. Internationales Literaturfestival – Berliini, Saksa
2012    Billnäs Young Artists – Billnäsin Ruukki
2012    Päin näköä – suomalaista nykysarjakuvaa – Kiasma, Helsinki
2011    Telttaretki – suomalaista nykysarjakuvaa – Salon taidemuseo
2011    Fanzines ! – Pariisi, Ranska
2011    Ramdam, raffut et grognements – Pariisin Suomi-Instituutti, Ranska
2010    Glömp X – suomalaisen nykysarjakuvan kansainvälinen kiertonäyttely
2010    Nordicomics.info – Nordic Comic Exhibition – kansainvälinen kiertonäyttely
2010    The Last Match – kansainvälinen kiertonäyttely
2010    Dollhouse – Rocketship Store, New York, U.S.A
2009    Virus – International Comic Exhibition – Fumetto, Lucerne, Sveitsi
2008    BD Finlande – suomalaisen nykysarjakuvan kansainvälinen kiertonäyttely

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